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In the realms of digital marketing, innovative quality is the ultimate decisive factor. A webmaster can find numerous online marketing services. As there are hundreds and thousands of websites, the SEO service portals form a highly interconnected network. The optimization quality of a virtual marketing service determines its relative rank as of now. It is a hard game staying at the top, and only the best professional can assist you there.

Therein, I come in.
Enter the Stage. Knock on the microphone.
Thank you for showing interest in my SEO Services, I am an Old Hat, White Hat online marketing professional.

In the virtual theater of search engine ranking, several background parameters play crucial roles. Google decides the Page Rank of a site based on a complex algorithm, evolving rapidly every single second. To interpret the huge scale of online activity, consider the following stats. In every second, approximately:

  • 900,000 unique search queries register at Google
  • 500,000 people tweet their life
  • Skype registers 150,000 calls
  • Users upload 140,000 Tumblr posts
  • Users upload 100,000 instagram photos
(These figures represent only a tip of the iceberg. I did not include gmail, facebook, Reddit etc.)


Q. Who am I?

I am a full-spectrum SEO professional with more than 10 years experience in handling international projects. My successful experience never ceases, as SEO is an ongoing process. I handle the entire spectrum of digital inbound marketing requirements. I maintain contact with other independent professionals in sharing responsibilities. My career in the content management industry helped in developing an elaborate connective network of quality professionals. I would handle your project with individual attention to every detailed aspect.

Q. What is my coding optimization strategy?

My expertise in diverse web programming languages allows me to optimize the coding of virtually any website. Whether you have an HTML site, a PHP protocol, an XML site, or an e-commerce platform on Magento, I would scan the existing coding manually and using special software to optimize it. I have the necessary experience to know the short coding alternative to long scripts. I would replace and repair the existing script thoroughly while optimizing it according to ethical programming parameters.

This is a highly effective optimization strategy because Google prefers neatly arranged sites to the complex ones. I would arrange effective backlinking and content marketing for your site. The articles, blog posts, press releases, and web contents that I would arrange would excel in all your expectations of quality service. There is no denying the heavy importance of content strategizing in search engine optimization. In fact, it is the most important parameter.

The articles, blog posts, press releases, and web contents that I would arrange would excel in all your expectations of quality service. There is no denying the heavy importance of content strategizing in search engine optimization. In fact, it is the most important parameter.

Q. What is my content marketing strategy?

Besides developing website content, the content marketing professional submits optimized articles to online directories. Google scans these archives on a priority basis to determine the Page Rank of a site. There are separate directories for articles, blogs, and press releases. I meticulously follow an organic pace of articles submissions to align with the Google algorithm.

My expertise includes handling social media profiles with utmost sharpness (SMO) and overlooking the ORM (online reputation management) aspects. I have several service packages simplifying the procedure. My services include social bookmarking promotions also. Please feel free to browse the range of services, and contact me in case of doubts. I am available via e-mail and trough the online correspondence form. I maintain an active social media profile. Feel free to connect for a long-term association.

(Thank you for your attention.)

The Google Mind

The incredibly massive volume of data flow every second implies that the search engine robots are capable of keeping up with this immense dynamicity. The algorithm is an active digital equation evaluating the data flow in real time. Google employs specialized evolutionary programs called crawlers or crawlbots. These virtually scan the websites in determining their Page Rank index. Essentially, crawling is a triple-layered system. First, there are millions of unique crawls every minute in attending to user queries. Next, there are the fresh crawls every fortnight or so. Finally, you have the ultimate decisive deep crawl, which occurs approximately once every month.

My job is to see your site rank well in the triple radars of Google. It is an elaborate process, made challenging by Google's discreet algorithm policies. The search engine megaplayer never resorts to fanfare and heavy marketing in releasing the most vital updates.

The most recent algorithm upgrade is the Google Hummingbird, officially released on September 27, 2013 (Google's birthday). You can interpret the extent of discretion when you consider the fact that the search engine began implementing the Hummingbird without any announcement whatsoever from 30 August. The last three years have been hectic, and game changing for online marketing professionals as Google released three updates back to back each year. First, it was Google Panda in February 2011. Then, it released the Penguin update on April 2012. Finally, it was the Hummingbird, which Google describes as the most 'human friendly' update up to date.

These back-to-back silent background changes introduced heavy changes in search engine land. Many sites lost their ranks, and many others rose to their places. As an experienced SEO professional, I have been actively studying the mind of Google for the past few years. The algorithm has been my key. I love the creative challenges of the job because Google leaves it up to the skills of online marketers to interpret its changes and act accordingly. It does not provide an elaborate roadmap to follow. Besides, the search engine holds the prerogative of deciding the Page Rank on completely obscure reasons. You never know, when you lose your rank.

It is a highly competitive market in virtually every niche out there. My experience taught me that the best way to retain in radar is to maintain a consistent quality of organic optimization activity. Google essentially confirms whether your site is able to connect personally with the visitors in a highly engaging manner. Website content and optimized coding are the two main parameters evaluated by the crawlbots in determining your Page Rank.