Professional, functional and SEO Optimized websites, that's what I provide to my clients. Today web-design needs to consider many more variables including the fact that the visitor might not be accessing your website from a computer. Users with tablets spend 50% more than time on websites than those on PCs (Adobe), contrary to what happened, there is currently a size of screen that has over 20% market share, mobile access to sites is growing at a rate exceeding 150%. Based on these data, it is hard to believe that over 90% of sites are not currently prepared for use on mobile devices.

I prepare your site that is ready for all devices- a website that is not only for the present but also for the future.

Hire WDI for web-design services

I believe in creating website that are appealing, modern and closely associated with your brand. I concentrate on creating a personal connect with the website visitors and I use the latest html5, css, javascript and ajax technologies to deliver robust, fast-loading and optimized websites. I use my experience in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator to enhance web-graphics and webpages and ensure that no two website look the same! Does my website layout facilitate navigation? How will I integrate my new web-design with my ongoing email campaigns? How do I improve my current conversion rate from my present website? Is the web-design conveying my brand in the right way to my target? Get professional solutions and guidance to solve the above queries you might have.