Wordpress is a CMS, CMS stands for Content Management System. It simply means that CMS Sites allow users to add, delete or edit images and text easily. The CMS platform allows you to manage most of the site yourself. Although there is a huge supply of CMS (Drupal, Pyro CMS, concrete5, PHP Fusion, Zazavi, etc..), the most popular one is WordPress, something which I also love working on.

Anybody can make a Wordpress website, only a few can DEVELOP a custom, secure and optimized website with custom theming.

Hire Wordpress Designer in India for your Wordpress Website Development requirement

I create wordpress website that are unique, custom themed. The famous one-click wordpress install is just the tip of the iceberg, I ensure that I provide to you the full power of this platform and its plugins. I use the latest php,html5, css, javascript and ajax technologies to deliver robust, fast-loading and optimized websites. Few of wordpress websites designed by me have been featured in CSS Galleries. Help! My wordpress website is getting spammed!...My Wordpress website looks like a normal blog...How do I make my present wordpress website responsive? How to ensure a smooth transition from html to wordpress without loosing on existing SEO? Get professional answers and solutions to all your Wordpress queries and wordpress web-design requirements.